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Chronicle is from Denham Springs, Louisiana. This Duo is made up of husband and wife team Tim Kinchen and Missy Kinchen.

Chronicle will bring great soulful southern  gospel music along with hints of Jazz and Blues to it's audiences.

Chronicle has  live saxophones that truly add something special to their sets.
Chronicle will provide tasteful music, credits to current music producer Les Butler, and past music production, Ricky Atkinson .

Chronicle is promoted to radio by Les Butler & Butler Music Group, look for Chronicle on the next "Family Music Group” Compilation.
 Tim Kinchen Of Chronicle was honored to receive  “Male Vocalist of The Year”  2019 Christian Voice Magazine 

Chronicle was honored to receive Diamond Award 2019 “Sunrise Duet”




Mission Statement

 Our Mission is to tell all through song and word about this man Jesus! His saving power, His precious cleansing blood, and that He can change their life.

Missy's BIO

Melissa Kinchen, or Missy as we call her, is wife to Tim Kinchen, and the other half in Chronicle's Duo.
Missy has one son and daughter-in- law, Tim Jr. and Christie Chavers Kinchen. Missy has one grandson to cherish, "KOLSEN", who she can share her love with. She says "I love my baby". She treasures her family deeply and is a wonderful example of a Godly Mother and Wife.
Missy has been blessed with a smooth alto voice that is comforting to the soul, and if given a chance,will sing her way directly into the heart of the listener. Chronicle is also blessed with her song writing capability fueled by her love and knowledge of Gods Word.
Missy is also instrumental in the day to day management, Web Design, Web maintenance, Web Multi Media maintenance and updating, Social Networking and also administrative duties for the group. She takes pride in getting things done in a timely manner with the groups best interest in mind.
Missy was saved as a young girl and sang with her husband and son for 12 years in a live gospel band called 
Sacred Harmony, before taking her place with Chronicle in April of 09. She is the first to say that "without God we are nothing".

Tim's BIO

Tim Kinchen, known as "the Sax player" for Chronicle.. or as some call him "Sax Man"  Missy says "I am very proud to have him as my husband and a huge part of Chronicle" Unbelievable talent, with a humble spirit.. He has been a musician since the age of 11.
Tim's wife Missy, son and daughter-in-law Tim Jr. and Christie, are precious to him as is his relationship with Christ. Tim now has a Grandson "KOLSEN" who he LOVES dearly, and will be telling you about him if given half a chance.
Tim has been involved in ministry nearly all of his life in one way or another, mostly in the form of music but also inthe preaching of the Word.
Tim has been playing lead guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and saxophone for some thirty-plus years and second only to God and family loves all styles of Christian music more than anything.
Tim is an awesome vocalist both lead and backup harmonies.. On stage Tim frequently offers this advice - Serve Christ first and everything else will finds its place.

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